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This basic calculator is a simple calculater that you can use to do basic calculation. Use this calculator to do your homework or quickly add and multiply.

Simply click for a calculation with the mouse or with the keyboard and you immediately get the right outcome. Use the 'C' button to remove any current calculations. Bookmark this site so you won't forget it!

These basic mathematical functions can be used for a lot of things. People can use them to balance their checkbook, determine how much of a product to order or to simply figure out a math problem.

The online calculator can be used at work, school or home. You can use it for financial calculations such as your mortgage or calculate your wages, or in support of your tax return. Students can use the calculator with their homework or as a calculation tool in elementary or middle school. At work, the online calculator is widely used as a computational tool for the administration.

It is not necessary to download this large calculator and it is free to use.

Explanation of the functions:

Exponent 10x
For example, if you have 1 million, to write on the online calculator you can use the exponent key. Type the following: 1, EE, 6.
Memory functions
Clicking the M+ button uses the Memory Plus feature. This adds value to what is stored in memory (in the first instance, this value is zero).
Clicking the M- button uses the Memory Minus Function. This is subtracted from the value of which is currently stored in the memory.
Clicking on the MR button uses the Memory Recall function. This retrieves the value of the memory and insert it into the display of the calculator. The value is still stored in the memory.
If you want to clear the value from the memory then click on the C button twice.

Basic calculators have been around since before the 17th century. The first basic calculator was the abacus. In the 17th century the slide rule was developed to help scientists and businessmen correctly determine the answers to basic mathematical computations. Then in the 19th century the first mechanical calculators were developed. Finally in the 20th century the electronic basic calculator was developed.

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